Pierre-Yves Gomez The Leap to Globalization. Creating New Value from Business Without Borders

Whereas previous research concentrated on articulating what global strategies look like in large multinational companies with decades of experience in operations abroad, The Leap to Globalization focuses on how globalizing is realized over time in companies that start from a narrow geographic base. Three characteristics differentiate globalizing as observed in current practice from simple international expansion. First, globalization implies a redefinition of customer value; second, globalizing is an entrepreneurial process that transforms the company; and third, speed plays an essential role in globalization.

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Stephane Callens Creative Globalization

The purpose of this book is to draw up a picture of the transformations in the innovation systems induced by globalization – or globalization. We understand the latter as the existence of new macroeconomic solidarities. These are attested since about the middle of the 1980s, with the observation of a tripolar world drawn up by Kenichi Ohmae. The book intends to explain all theories of globalization, as well as to clarify its relations with innovation. It constitutes an unprecedented synthesis on this theme, illustrated by examples from many sectors of activity.

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Группа авторов The Globalization Reader

An introduction to the issues surrounding the complex and controversial realities of today's interconnected world, the revised sixth edition Since its initial publication , The Globalization Reader has been lauded for its comprehensive coverage of the issues surrounding globalization. Now in its sixth edition, the Reader has been thoroughly revised and updated and continues to review the most important global trends. Including readings by a variety of authors, the text offers a wide-ranging and authoritative introduction to the political, economic, cultural, and experiential aspects of globalization. The updated sixth edition presents the most accessible and comprehensive review of current debates and research. Contributions from scholars, activists, and organizations provide balanced viewpoints and expert coverage of the many aspects of globalization. The Globalization Reader offers readings on an exciting range of new topics as well as retaining key globalization topics such as the experience of globalization, economic and political globalization, the role of media and religion in cultural globalization, women’s rights, environmentalism, global civil society, and the alternative globalization movement. This important resource: Covers the many complex dimensions of globalization Includes contributions from many of the most prominent globalization scholars Presents concise and informative introductions to each major topic Offers compelling discussion questions for each section Contains readings on a variety of new topics such as migration, medical tourism, state policy regarding abortion and same-sex sexual relations, the UN Global Compact, climate justice, and more Written for students in undergraduate and graduate courses in sociology, political science, anthropology and geography, the revised sixth edition covers courses such as globalization, comparative political economy, international relations and similar topics.

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Szeman Imre After Globalization

In lively and unflinching prose, Eric Cazdyn and Imre Szeman argue that contemporary thought about the world is disabled by a fatal flaw: the inability to think «an after» to globalization. After establishing seven theses (on education, morality, history, future, capitalism, nation, and common sense) that challenge the false promises that sustain this time-limit, After Globalization examines four popular thinkers (Thomas Friedman, Richard Florida, Paul Krugman and Naomi Klein) and how their work is dulled by these promises. Cazdyn and Szeman then speak to students from around the globe who are both unconvinced and uninterested in these promises and who understand the world very differently than the way it is popularly represented. After Globalization argues that a true capacity to think an after to globalization is the very beginning of politics today.

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Группа авторов Winners and Losers in Globalization

Seeking reason in the impassioned globalization debate, de la Dehesa examines who stands to win and who stands to lose from the process of globalization, in a style accessible to readers unfamiliar with economic theory. Objectively and dispassionately illuminates the emotionally charged globalization debate; Acknowledges that the costs and benefits of globalization will not be distributed evenly; Details the economic effects of globalization on individuals, governments, nation-states and business; Assesses the impact of globalization on both labor markets and financial markets, on global economic growth and on income distribution and real convergence between different national economies.

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Ulrich Beck What Is Globalization?

This important new book offers an engaging and challenging introduction to the thorny paths of the globalization debate.

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Latoyia Dennis Hatch, Leap, Soar

It is this focus on transformation that's at the heart of Hatch, Leap, Soar, the principles which will help individuals become who they are created to be. LaToyia likens the process to that of a baby bird inside an egg, ready to… Hatch. Before you can begin to change and start realizing your potential, you are in your comfort zone inside your shell. When you begin the process of hatching, you're defying the norm, pressing past your fears to break free. Once you've hatched, you can see the possibilities. You are now open to doing what you were created to do, being what you were created to be. You start to think, «Oh my gosh, as soon as I get out of here I can go over there and I can do this,» because now you can see it. But in order to get out of your shell, you will have to make a… Leap. This might be a leap of faith. This could be a leap in a completely different direction than you've ever gone before. You have to move out of your current position, out of whatever comfort zone or shell you are in. It's important to have faith that you are better freed from your shell than you are stuck inside its borders. In order to reach the potential God has given you, you must move toward it. Things won’t come to you sitting in your shell. Opportunities and change won’t happen if you are sitting still. You have to leap or jump or move forward to experience what God wants for you. A bird never learns to fly by staying in the nest. A bird has to leap out in order to learn to… Soar. Once you learn to fly, you can fly high and soar. You can reach your potential.

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Witlox Frank Commodity Chains and World Cities

Transnational spatial relations offer a key point from which to study the geographies of contemporary globalization. This book assesses the possible cross-fertilization between two of the most notable analytical frameworks – the world city network framework and the global commodity chain framework. Transnational spatial relations have become a key analytical lens through which to study the geographies of contemporary globalization Brings together contributions of key researchers from different backgrounds and different parts of the world Offers a set of original approaches to the study of the networked geography of globalization

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George Ritzer Globalization

Updated to reflect recent global developments, the second edition of Globalization: A Basic Text presents an up-to-date introduction to major trends and topics relating to globalization studies. Features updates and revisions in its accessible introduction to key theories and major topics in globalization Includes an enhanced emphasis on issues relating to global governance, emerging technology, global flows of people, human trafficking, global justice movements, and global environmental sustainability Utilizes a unique set of metaphors to introduce and explain the highly complex nature of globalization in an engaging and understandable manner Offers an interdisciplinary approach to globalization by drawing from fields that include sociology, global political economy, political science, international relations, geography, and anthropology Written by an internationally recognized and experienced author team

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Rhoda E. Howard-Hassmann Can Globalization Promote Human Rights?

Globalization has affected everyone’s lives, and the reactions to it have been mixed. Legal scholars and political scientists tend to emphasize its harmful aspects, while economists tend to emphasize its benefits. Those concerned about human rights have more often been among the critics than among the supporters of globalization. In Can Globalization Promote Human Rights? Rhoda Howard-Hassmann presents a balanced account of the negative and positive features of globalization in relation to human rights, in both their economic and civil/political dimensions.
On the positive side, she draws on substantial empirical work to show that globalization has significantly reduced world poverty levels, even while, on the negative side, it has exacerbated economic inequality across and within countries. Ultimately, she argues, social action and political decision making will determine whether the positive effects of globalization outweigh the negatives. And, in contrast to those who prefer either schemes for redistributing wealth on moral grounds or authoritarian socialist approaches, she makes the case for social democracy as the best political system for the protection of all human rights, civil and political as well as economic.

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Pierre-Yves Gomez | Le blog de Pierre-Yves Gomez

By Pierre-Yves Gomez | octobre 15th, 2020 | Categories: Actualité | Article publié par l'Obs en date du 14 octobre 2020 Ça n'allait pas si mal en mars, à l'annonce d'un confinement historique, et ça allait encore mieux cet été à la faveur d'une trêve nécessaire.

Pierre-Yves GOMEZ, Professor of Strategy and Director of ...

Pierre-Yves GOMEZ is an economist and he teaches strategy and corporate governance. He’s in charge of the research center : French corporate Governance Institute. His research focuses on the political responsibility of companies, on corporate governance and strategic implications of change in governance.

Conférence Proclero avec le Professeur Pierre-Yves Gomez - 12 juin 2018

Conférence du Professeur Pierre-Yves Gomez, Économiste, docteur en gestion, professeur de stratégie à l’Ecole de Management de Lyon, directeur de l’Institut Français de Gouvernement des ...

Pierre-Yves Gomez - YouTube

Pierre-Yves Gomez est professeur de stratégie à EMLYON et dirige aujourd'hui l'Institut Français de Gouvernement des Entreprises. Spécialiste du lien entre l...

Pierre-Yves Gomez | Facebook

Pierre-Yves Gomez a été professeur invité puis chercheur associé à la London Business School entre 1998 et 2000, Il est à l’origine du développement, en France, du courant des conventions appliqué au management Ses recherches portent sur la dimension politique du gouvernement des entreprises et sur son lien entre l’économie et la société Il a rédigé le référentiel pour une ...

#Pierre-Yves Gomez | GLONAABOT.FR

Pierre-Yves Gomez, économiste, professeur à EM Lyon, voit dans notre dépression collective l’expression d’une phase de transition inévitable, vers un « nouveau [...] Lire l'article complet: Comment la crise du Covid a sonné la fin...→ #Pierre-Yves Gomez; Société; 2020-10-14. 1 / 3.; il y a 171 jours « Transition écologique : le choc des réalismes » CHRONIQUE. La ...

Forum Zachée 2016 - Enseignement Pierre-Yves Gomez - Prendre soin de la Création

Pierre-Yves Gomez nous enseigne que l'Homme, créé à l'image de Dieu, est appelé à prendre soin de la Création, don gratuit du Créateur.

Pourquoi je vais travailler ... | Pierre-Yves Gomez ...

This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. Professeur reconnu, Pierre-Yves Gomez a changé sa manière de voir l...

Pierre-Yves Gomez — Wikipédia

Pierre-Yves Gomez, né le 15 mars 1960, est un économiste, docteur en gestion et professeur à EMLYON Business School où il a fait toute sa carrière. Il enseigne la stratégie et la gouvernance d'entreprise. Entre 1998 et 2000, il a été professeur invité puis chercheur associé à la London Business School.

Mieux me connaître | Pierre-Yves Gomez

Pierre-Yves Gomez Professeur. Pourquoi je travaille? (en guise de biographie) J’ai mis des mots sur ma vocation d’enseignant grâce à un étudiant. C’était il y a près de vingt ans. Il voulait commencer une thèse de doctorat. Il avait besoin d’un directeur de recherche pour l’orienter. Faire une thèse c’est entamer une carrière d’artisan. Etudier laborieusement, comme un ...

Pierre-Yves Gomez – The Conversation


Author Page for Pierre-Yves Gomez :: SSRN

Total downloads of all papers by Pierre-Yves Gomez. If you need immediate assistance, call 877-SSRNHelp (877 777 6435) in the United States, or +1 212 448 2500 outside of the United States, 8:30AM to 6:00PM U.S. Eastern, Monday - Friday.

Books by Pierre-Yves Gomez (Author of Intelligence du travail)

Pierre-Yves Gomez has 16 books on Goodreads with 22 ratings. Pierre-Yves Gomez’s most popular book is Strong Managers, Strong Owners.

Mes livres | Pierre-Yves Gomez

Mes livres Pour se procurer mes ouvrages, cliquez ici GOMEZ Pierre-Yves (2018), La Gouvernance d’entreprise, Presses universitaires de France, Collection Que sais-je GOMEZ Pierre-Yves (2016), Penser le travail avec Marx. Nouvelle Cité. GOMEZ Pierre-Yves (2016), Intelligence du Travail. Desclée De Brouwer. GOMEZ Pierre-Yves, KORINE Harry (2013). Strong Managers, Strong Owners: Corporate ...

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Board Members and Management Consultants: Redefining the ...

Board Members and Management Consultants: Redefining the Boundaries of Consulting and Corporate Governance (Hc) (Research in Management Consulting) | Pierre-Yves Gomez, Rickie Moore | ISBN: 9781593118068 | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und Verkauf duch Amazon.

Le Travail invisible: Enquête sur une disparition Poche ...

Le Travail invisible: Enquête sur une disparition (Poche) | Gomez, Pierre-Yves | ISBN: 9782220095738 | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und Verkauf duch Amazon.

Ecologie humaine | Pierre-Yves Gomez

Pour une écologie humaine Co-initiateur du Courant Le Courant pour une Écologie Humaine entend coopérer au changement de la société par la diffusion de la bienveillance, en aidant chacun à prendre des initiatives au service de la personne, dans tous les domaines d’activités. Le Courant

Strong Managers, Strong Owners: Corporate Governance and ...

Strong Managers, Strong Owners: Corporate Governance and Strategy | Harry Korine, Pierre-Yves Gomez | ISBN: 9781107044203 | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und Verkauf duch Amazon.

Entrepreneurs and Democracy: A Political Theory of ...

Entrepreneurs and Democracy: A Political Theory of Corporate Governance (Business, Value Creation, and Society Book 2) (English Edition) eBook: Pierre-Yves Gomez, Harry Korine: Kindle-Shop

Pierre-Yves Gomez | Le Monde Journalist | Muck Rack — Emploi Chronique Pierre-Yves Gomez Professeur à l'EM Lyon Depuis deux siècles, le capitalisme connaît régulièrement des crises et des interventions publiques pour le sauver, explique l’économiste Pierre-Yves Gomez dans sa chronique. Publié aujourd’hui à 06h00 Temps de Lecture 2 min. Article réservé aux abonnés « Depuis deux siècles, le capitalisme connaît ...

Pierre-Yves Gomez (Author of Intelligence du travail)

Pierre-Yves Gomez is the author of Intelligence du travail (4.50 avg rating, 2 ratings, 0 reviews), Le travail invisible (4.00 avg rating, 2 ratings, 0 r...

Entrepreneurs and Democracy : A Political Theory of ...

[(Entrepreneurs and Democracy : A Political Theory of Corporate Governance)] [By (author) Pierre-Yves Gomez ] published on (December, 2010) | Pierre-Yves Gomez | ISBN: | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und Verkauf duch Amazon.

Pierre-Yves Gomez - Forum RH

Pierre-Yves Gomez Economiste et docteur en gestion - IFGE. Economiste et docteur en gestion, Pierre-Yves Gomez est professeur à l’EMLYON business School où il dirige l’Institut Français de Gouvernement des Entreprises (IFGE). Il enseigne la gouvernance et l’économie politique de l’entreprise. Il a été élu en 2011 Président de la Société française de Management. Ses ...

Pierre-Yves Gomez: free download. Ebooks library. On-line ...

Pierre-Yves Gomez: free download. Ebooks library. On-line books store on Z-Library | B–OK. Download books for free. Find books

Entrepreneurs and Democracy by Pierre-Yves Gomez

By Pierre-yves Gomez, Professor of Strategic Management EM Lyon; Director French Corporate Governance Institute IFGE, Lyon Get access. Check if you have access via personal or institutional login. Log in Register Recommend to librarian Export citation; Conclusion to Part III pp 303-306. By Pierre-yves Gomez, Professor of Strategic Management EM Lyon; Director French Corporate Governance ...

Pierre-Yves GOMEZ | IFGE

Pierre Yves Gomez : Master of research in economics, Master in finance, PhD in management, Doctoral Supervisor. Dr. Gomez is Professor of Strategy at EM Lyon. From 1998 to 2000, he was a guest professor and researcher at the London Business School. Known for his work dealing with the Theory of the Firm, he is one of the first scholars in France who has contributed to the research stream ...

Pierre-Yves GOMEZ | Research Director | Phd | emlyon ...

Pierre-Yves GOMEZ, Research Director of emlyon business school, Écully (EMLYON) | Read 74 publications | Contact Pierre-Yves GOMEZ

Pierre-Yves Gomez | Facebook

Pierre-Yves Gomez ist bei Facebook. Tritt Facebook bei, um dich mit Pierre-Yves Gomez und anderen Nutzern, die du kennst, zu vernetzen. Facebook gibt Menschen die Möglichkeit, Inhalte zu teilen und...

Le sens du travail à l’ère numérique | Pierre-Yves Gomez

Pierre-Yves Gomez a publié dans la revue Projet un texte sur le sens du travail à l'ère numérique. Le voici en intégralité : Hors de l’emploi, le travail est largement invisible. Il est pourtant vecteur de sens, un sens fixé par l’employeur dans le salariat. Mais dans un monde numérisé, qui maîtrisera la finalité du travail ? Le travail est efforts et finalité. Cette double ...

Democracy and the Evolution of Corporate Governance by ...

Gomez, Pierre-Yves and Korine, Harry David, Democracy and the Evolution of Corporate Governance. Corporate Governance: An International Review, Vol. 13, No. 6, pp ...

Wikizero - Pierre-Yves Gomez

Pierre-Yves Gomez, né le 15 mars 1960, est un économiste, docteur en gestion et professeur à EMLYON Business School où il a fait toute sa carrière. Il enseigne la stratégie et la gouvernance d'entreprise. Entre 1998 et 2000, il a été professeur invité puis chercheur associé à la London Business School.Il dirige l'Institut français de gouvernement des entreprises (IFGE), centre de ...

The Leap to Globalization (eBook, PDF) von Harry D. Korine ...

Whereas previous research concentrated on articulating what global strategies look like in large multinational companies with decades of experience in operations abroad, The Leap to Globalization focuses on how globalizing is realized over time in companies that start from a narrow geographic base.

Pierre-Yves GOMEZ | IFGE

GOMEZ Pierre-Yves, BIDAULT Francis, DESPRES Charles [et alii] (1996). The Drivers of Co-operation between Buyers and Suppliers for Product Innovation, Strategic Management Society 16th Annual International Conference, Phoenix, November 10-13, 1996. GOMEZ Pierre-Yves (1996). Dynamique des conventions, vers une théorie des règles du jeu. 3rd European Congress on Systems Science, Rome, October ...

Yves Gomez - Ticketing and Sales Manager - Théâtre des ...

Yves Gomez Looking Forward Commune de Monaco, Monaco, Monaco 500+ connections. Join to Connect. Théâtre des Muses - Monaco / Théâtre de la Conditon des Soies (Festival Off Avignon) ENS Cachan (Ecole Nationale Supérieure) Report this profile; About. Presently looking for new professional challenges and careers opportunities. I am looking at jobs positions related to forecasting, analysing ...

Articles by Pierre-Yves Gomez | Le Monde Journalist | Muck ... — Emploi Chronique Pierre-Yves Gomez Professeur à l'EM Lyon Depuis deux siècles, le capitalisme connaît régulièrement des crises et des interventions publiques pour le sauver, explique l’économiste Pierre-Yves Gomez dans sa chronique. Publié aujourd’hui à 06h00 Temps de Lecture 2 min. Article réservé aux abonnés « Depuis deux siècles, le capitalisme connaît ...

Pierre-Yves GOMEZ, Professeur de Stratégie et Directeur de ...

Pierre-Yves GOMEZ, Professeur de Stratégie et Directeur de l'Institut Français de Gouvernement des Entreprises. EMLYON Business School, grande école de management et commerce propose le programme ESC Lyon, un International MBA, des mastères spécialisés ainsi que le programme grande ecole spécialisé en management sur son campus à Lyon, France.

Publications de Pierre-Yves Gomez |

Pierre-Yves Gomez, philosophe de l’entreprise; Avec Propos recueillis par Emmanuelle Gril; Dans Gestion 2018/2 (Vol. 43) Résum é 5€ Ajouter au panier. Le sens du travail à l’ère numérique; Dans Revue Projet 2017/6 (N° 361) Premières lignes 3€ Ajouter au panier. Articuler la théorie de la régulation sociale et l’approche conventionnaliste en gestion pour comprendre l’échec ...

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Category:Pierre-Yves Gomez - Wikimedia Commons

Category:Pierre-Yves Gomez. From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Pierre-Yves Gomez French economist. Upload media: Date of birth: March 1960: Country of citizenship: France; Occupation: economist; research fellow; Employer: Emlyon Business School; London Business School; Position held: professor (1985) Official website: Authority control ...

Pierre-Yves Gomez | Le Parvis des Jeunes Pro

Pierre-Yves Gomez est économiste et docteur en gestion. Il est professeur à l’EMLYON, où il enseigne la stratégie et la gouvernance d’entreprise. Entre 1998 et 2000, il a été professeur invité puis chercheur associé à la London Business School. Il dirige l’Institut français de gouvernement des entreprises. Il tient un chronique mensuelle dans le supplément économique du ...

Pierre-Yves Gomez -

Follow Pierre-Yves Gomez and explore their bibliography from's Pierre-Yves Gomez Author Page.

Pierre-Yves Gomez at the Macif University Campus | IFGE

Pierre-Yves Gomez unveiled excepts from his latest book, a history of corporate governance. He also recontextualized the terms of the debate by studying the dividing lines between shareholder governance and partnership governance. He also used his speakership to stop and question moves to extend the mutuals and membership-based governance model.

Jean Yves Gomez Profile | Facebook

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Группа авторов The Myth of Media Globalization

The ongoing interconnection of the world through modern mass media is generally considered to be one of the major developments underpinning globalization. This important book considers anew the globalization phenomenon in the media sphere. Rather than heralding globalization or warning of its dangers, as in many other books, Kai Hafez analyses the degree to which media globalization is really taking place. Do we have enough evidence to show that there is a linear and accelerated move towards transnationalization in the media? All too often the empirical data presented seems rather more anecdotal than representative. Many transborder media phenomena are overestimated and taken out of the context of locally and nationally oriented mainstream media processes all over the world. The inherent danger is that a central paradigm of the social sciences, rather than bearing scholarly substance, will turn out to be a myth and even a sometimes dangerously ideological tool. Based on a theoretical debate of media globalization, the work discusses most major fields of media development, including foreign reporting, satellite TV, film, internet, foreign broadcasting, media and migration, media policy and media economy. As an important new contribution to timely debates, The Myth of Media Globalization will be essential and provocative reading for students and scholars alike.

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Группа авторов Globalization and Human Rights

In this landmark volume, Alison Brysk has assembled an impressive array of scholars to address new questions about globalization and human rights. Is globalization generating both problems and opportunities? Are new problems replacing or intensifying state repression? How effective are new forms of human rights accountability?<br /><br />These essays include theoretical analyses by Richard Falk, Jack Donnelly, and James Rosenau. Chapters on sex tourism, international markets, and communications technology bring new perspectives to emerging issues. The authors investigate places such as the Dominican Republic, Nigeria, and the Philippines.<br /><br />The contemporary world is defined by globalization. While global human rights standards and institutions have been established, assaults on human dignity continue. These essays identify the new challenges to be faced, and suggest new ways to remedy the costs of globalization.

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Jonathan Harris Globalization and Contemporary Art

In a series of newly commissioned essays by both established and emerging scholars, Globalization and Contemporary Art probes the effects of internationalist culture and politics on art across a variety of media. Globalization and Contemporary Art is the first anthology to consider the role and impact of art and artist in an increasingly borderless world. First major anthology of essays concerned with the impact of globalization on contemporary art Extensive bibliography and a full index designed to enable the reader to broaden knowledge of art and its relationship to globalization Unique analysis of the contemporary art market and its operation in a globalized economy

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Alfred C. Aman, Jr. The Democracy Deficit

Economic globalization has had a chilling effect on democracy since markets now do some of the work that governments used to do through the political process. More than two decades of deregulation have made a healthy economy appear to depend on unrestrained markets. But appearances are misleading&#151;globalization is also a legal and political process. The future of democracy in the twenty-first century depends on the ability of citizens to reclaim a voice in taming globalization through domestic politics and law reform. «The book's topic could not be more important: how do we adapt contemporary democratic governance- and contemporary administrative law- to the challenge of a globalizing world?»&#151;Kal Raustiala, UCLA School of Law Can citizens govern globalization? Aman argues that they can, and that domestic law has a crucial role to play in this process. He proposes to redefine the legal distinction between public and private to correspond to the realities of the new role of the private sector in delivering public services, and thereby to bring crucial sectors of globalization back within the scope of democratic reform. Basing his argument on the history of the policies that led to globalization, and the current policies that sustain it, Aman advocates specific reforms meant to increase private citizens' influence on globalization. He looks at particular problem areas usually thought to be domestic in nature, such as privatization, prisons, prescription drugs, and the minimum wage, as well as constitutional structural issues such as federalism and separation of powers.

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Grinin Leonid E., Ilyin Ilya V., Herrmann Peter Globalistics and Globalization Studies: Global Evolution, Historical Globalistics and Globalization

The scope of human thought along with its ability to proceed from reconstruction of the most ancient periods to anticipation of the distant future, from small objects to galaxies and the Universe as well as, to embrace different trends and dimensions of reality never ceases to amaze us. You are reading a new issue of the Yearbook which contains some 'grains' of the description of the billion years' path. This Yearbook presents the global studies which cover different fields of research. The present volume is the sixth in the series of yearbooks with the title Globalistics and Globalization Studies. The subtitle of the volume is 'Global Evolution, Historical Globalistics and Globalization Studies' which reflects the contents. The present issue brings together a variety of contributions devoted to mega- and global evolution (Part I); historical globalistics (Part II); globalization and glocalization (Parts III-IV). Besides, Part IV comprises some issues on the view in the future. We become more and more accustomed to think globally and to see global processes. The yearbook will be interesting to a wide range of researchers, teachers, students and all those who are concerned about global issues.

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Группа авторов Globalization

'Globalization' is a word that is currently much in use. This book is an attempt to show that there is far more to globalization than its surface manifestations. Unpacking the social roots and social consequences of globalizing processes, this book disperses some of the mist that surrounds the term. Alongside the emerging planetary dimensions of business, finance, trade and information flow, a 'localizing', space-fixing process is set in motion. What appears as globalization for some, means localization for many others; signalling new freedom for some, globalizing processes appear as uninvited and cruel fate for many others. Freedom to move, a scarce and unequally distributed commodity, quickly becomes the main stratifying factor of our times. Neo-tribal and fundamentalist tendencies are as legitimate offspring of globalization as the widely acclaimed 'hybridization' of top culture – the culture at the globalized top. A particular reason to worry is the progressive breakdown in communication between the increasingly global and extra- territorial elites and ever more 'localized' majority. The bulk of the population, the 'new middle class', bears the brunt of these problems, and suffers uncertainty, anxiety and fear as a result. This book is a major contribution to the unfolding debate about globalization, and as such will be of interest to students and professionals in sociology, human geography and cultural issues.

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Группа авторов Globalization and Culture

Globalization is now widely discussed but the debates often remain locked within particular disciplinary discourses. This book brings together for the first time a social theory and cultural studies approach to the understanding of globalization. The book starts with an analysis of the relationship between the globalization process and contemporary culture change and goes on to relate this to debates about social and cultural modernity. At the heart of the book is a far-reaching analysis of the complex, ambiguous «lived experience» of global modernity. Tomlinson argues that we can now see a general pattern of the dissolution between cultural experience and territorial location. The «uneven» nature of this experience is discussed in relation to first and third world societies, along with arguments about the hybridization of cultures, and special role of communications and media technologies in this process of «deterritorialization». Globalization and Cultureconcludes with a discussion of the cultural politics of cosmopolitanism. Accessibly written, this book will be of interest to second year undergraduates and above in sociology, media studies, cultural and communication studies, and anyone interested in globalization.

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A. L. Safonov ETHNOS AND GLOBALIZATION: Ethnocultural Mechanisms of Disintegration of Contemporary Nations. Monograph

This monograph is devoted to one of the main problems of globalization – ethnocultural disintegration of society and the crisis of the contemporary nation. To explain the growth of ethnocultural differentiation in the context of globalization, an original concept of ethnos and nation genesis is proposed, in which the ethnos and the nation are viewed as different social communities in genesis, dynamics and functions, in which the individual participates simultaneously.

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Michelle Gibbings Career Leap

Adapt you career to the shifting paradigm of work, employment and success The word “career” doesn’t mean what it used to. People entering the workforce today will have an estimated 17 employers and five careers in their lifetimes – and already many existing roles are being automated away, with many more to follow. No profession, industry or geography is immune, and employees need to change their idea of what it means to be employed. The rise of freelancing and the gig economy means flexibility and independence, but also less security – with trends showing it is the way of the future. You cannot future-proof your job, but you can future-proof your career. Career Leap shows you what you need to know, how you need to change and how you can prepare for the inevitable tides of change. This book sheds light on the choices you make, and the steps you can take to reignite, reshape and liberate your career. You’ll develop the confidence you need to take decisive action, sharpen your skills and become the agile, adaptive professional we will all need to be. The 10-step Career Reinvention Cycle helps you assess the status quo and determine where you need to go, and then gives you a solid framework for making a move when the time is right. Future-proof your career with the new laws for success Undertake a health check of your career and make deliberate career choices Design, build, and execute your influence and career strategy Be equipped to take control and leap ahead with your career. No matter your role, it is imperative that you make every day in your career count. Make the critical decisions, take clear actions and, above all, stay ahead of the pack. Career Leap gives you the insight, confidence and knowledge you need to move up as you leap forward.

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Группа авторов Global Covenant

In this pathbreaking book, one of the world’s leading analysts of globalization and global governance confronts the failures of international politics in the aftermath of 9/11 and the war against Iraq. He argues that there were and are alternatives to the way the western coalitions responded to the profound challenges of mass terrorism and political violence – alternatives which can better address the roots of these challenges and deliver political and social justice. In order to grasp this alternative, the changing structure of the global order has to be understood. To this end, the book is divided into three sections: economics, politics and law. In each section contemporary trends are analyzed, problems confronted, and a series of detailed policies set out. The aim of the book is to focus on feasible and effective policy choices which could lead to a progressive transformation of global affairs. Against the ideologues who are wholly in favour or hostile to globalization, this book shows how globalization can be better regulated to deliver human development, equitable economic change, democracy and justice. This is an original book that will appeal to all those – students, policy makers, and the general reader – who confront questions about globalization and global governance. It is an optimistic text that holds that progressive political change is still within our grasp. To read the transcript of an interview with the author on the Global Covenant in democratiya, please click here .

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